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UnderCover Ultra Flex Truck Tonneau Cover

Posted by Truck DNA on 6/22/2017 to Toyota
UnderCover Ultra Flex Truck Tonneau Cover
Many of us have a preference on what type of Tonneau Cover that we want to put on the bed of our truck. The UnderCover Ultra Flex offers many features that makes this hard-folding tonneau cover stand out.

The finish on this cover is a matte finish. Tonneau cover companies are offering more options with the matte finish instead of the glossy look. After speaking with the manufacturers, the reason for the matte finish...it offers a better UV resistance and is less apt to fade. With the hot summer days in parts of the country that is a welcomed feature!

The matte finish as a whole has become more popular in the aftermarket accessory industry. Nerf bars, bumpers, truck boxes are going matte. So if your truck has the blacked out look or  you are looking for a stylish addition, this cover will be a great addition.

It's All About the Lights...

Posted by Truck DNA on 10/22/2015 to Toyota

Lighting Technology is always evolving. Lights are getting brighter, stronger, and lasting longer with a lot more efficiency. The 3 distinct lighting technologies that lead the way in the truck & SUV industry are: LED Lighting, HID Lighting and Halogen Lighting. In this article we will explore the differences and advantages to each of these different types of lighting while learning about color temperatures of light, beam patterns, and manufacturing process to produce lights that can handle the coldest and hottest temperatures.

Quality LED Light Bar vs a Cheap LED Light Bar

Posted by Truck DNA on 10/5/2015 to Toyota

lum3.jpgLED Light Bars for Trucks

There are so many manufacturers of LED light bars, deciding on which one can be confusing. Well we at Truck DNA hope to help you weigh you options. After reading our guide, you will come to understand the various electronic, mechanical and operating features that are a part of most light bars...

Besides Looking Bad Ass...Why Does My Truck Need Fender Flares?

Posted by Truck DNA on 10/5/2015 to Toyota

what-are-fender-flares.jpgFender Flares

When you get a truck with the right size wheel and tire, nothing dresses it out like a tough looking set of fender flares. Ok, with that being said...other than just looking good, how can a set of fender flares help your truck?...